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2017 Is Upon Us
Last year was an especially rich year of programming for SAH/SCC. Our programs spanned far and wide in Southern California and we covered topics from Craftsman and Art Deco architecture, to mid-century buildings and landscape. We even took on one of the most controversial building typologies in recent memory: the Dingbat Apartment building. Alternately loved and reviled, it is hard to argue that this form is quintessentially Los Angeles in origin.

While some people had OldChella to amuse them this fall, others of us delighted in Gillapalooza—our three events celebrating the work of Irving Gill. From an insightful lecture by one of the most celebrated architectural historians of the region, Thomas Hines, through an expansive exhibit at UCSB, we capped off the experience with site visits to three important Gill residences in Los Angeles. The takeaway affirmed that Gill was a master of form, proportion, light, shadow, and a regional language of modernism that feels both revolutionary and evolutionary.

SAH/SCC is also delighted to have provided its members with access to two of Los Angeles’ most important buildings: Bullock’s Wilshire and the Grand Central Air Terminal. Both buildings embrace the changes in transportation that propelled the region forward during the 1920s and 1930s. While one iconic tower loomed as a Cathedral of Commerce, the other iconic tower acted as a beacon for pioneer aviators Charles Lindbergh, Howard Hughes, and Amelia Earhart, and ushered in commercial aviation. At the Air Terminal, we were fortunate to meet several members of the Ladies 99 Club—a group of women aviators dating back to the days of Earhart herself.

In case you missed out, here is a full list of SAH/SCC programming from the past year:

Marina Tower Display Residence in Long Beach

Dingbat 2.0 Lecture

Authors on Architecture: Welch on Rice

Ruth Shellhorn: Mid-Century Landscapes in Southern California

Los Angeles Coliseum Tour

Authors on Architecture: Bosley on Greene and Greene and Their Clients

Hines on Gill: Modernist Cottages

Citadel of Learning, Cathedral of Commerce at Bullock’s Wilshire

Fast Forward: William F. Cody

Irving Gill: Simplicity and Reform Exhibit Tour

Irving Gill Los Angeles Home Tour

Authors on Architecture: Serraino on Creativity

Ready for Take Off! Glendale Central Air Terminal

In 2016, the SAH/SCC board said goodbye and thank-you to former Vice President, John Ellis, who served the organization and created memorable programs for many years. Going forward, the Vice President position will be filled by long-time board member Jay Platt. Jay will bring his many years as an educator, preservationist, and all-round big brain to the executive board. The organization also welcomed two new board members: Lauren Van Der Veen and Kimberly Bahnson McCarron. We are excited to be joined by two such talented individuals and look forward to the new ideas and inspiration they will bring.

We have lots more planned for 2017. So let’s ring in the New Year together with even more adventures!

Sian Winship

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